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Monday, July 27, 2009

Review - So Into You by Sandra Hill

Title: So Into You
Author: Sandra Hill
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Buy Link: So Into You

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewer: Sashet

Angel Sabato has been in love with best friend Grace O'Brien for 10 years--but he's only just realized it. Too bad she doesn't take him seriously when he tells her about his feelings. Reeling from the rejection, Angel hightails it out of town.

Now Grace is left to wonder if her problems from the past are keeping her from opening herself to love. But she brushes these "useless" musings aside, concentrating instead on the work she's doing as an apprentice to folk healer Tante Lulu and keeping up with the old woman's good deeds.

Such as starting a foundation to help families still homeless after Hurricane Katrina. One family consists of 5 children who lost their parents. The eldest, only seventeen, has been struggling to take care of her siblings and lying like heck to the state agencies in order to keep everyone together. Tante Lulu and Grace take the children under their wings and decide the foundation will build a house for them.

Re-enter Angel, who helps with the construction. Unbeknownst to Grace, Tante Lulu has decided to try her hand at matchmaking again. And Tante Lulu has never failed before!

Sandra Hill has done it again! So Into You follows Grace and Angel through the ups and downs of finding true love with the help of Tante Lulu, the LeDeux clan and Saint Jude. If you’ve never read one of Ms. Hill’s Cajun series or her Jinx series you’ve missed one of the most endearing and funny characters in the Romance genre, Tante Lulu.

So Into You will take the readers deep into the Black Bayou of Louisiana where and ex-nun poker champ and a Playgirl centerfold poker champ play a round of poker where the stakes are true love. You do not want to miss this one if you’re a Sandra Hill fan. If you need a romance that will make your sides hurt from laughing you need to pick it up too. Even if you’ve never read anything by Ms. Hill. You definitely Gotta Read this one.

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