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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review - Taking Advantage by Larry Hammersely

Title: Taking Advantage

Author: Larry Hammersely

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Val

Zack Thompson has been crazy about Gloria Garner ever since she came to Sheffield High in their freshman year. She's been elected basketball queen four years running and only dates the three top athletes. How can Zack compete for Gloria's hand when he's no good at sports and lacking in the looks department? And as if that weren't enough, Gloria has a super strict mother who has to approve her daughter's every date. Does Zack's excellence in academics and his gentlemanly conduct count for anything?

Zack's character reminded me about how unsure we all are to go after what we want, not only in high school but in later life as well. Gloria's character was sweet and and actually surprised me by some of her actions, in a very pleasant way. I don't want to give away the story but it really such a sweet sweet book. It takes you back to high school and you get to feel those pure feelings once again of having that high school crush that you just couldn't get out of your head. Zack's relationship with his sister was very sweet and I loved being able to sit back and watch how close they were with one another. The dramatic turning of events was brilliant! I never saw it coming.

Larry Hammersley always takes you back to a simpler time in life where all the rules were so different than they are today. I did not grow up in this era so getting a glimpse of what life was like for a high school student back then, really made it very unique. Larry Hammersley writes very sweet romances of a time I wish I had grown up in. The rules were different, the time seemed so innocent. I look forward to reading more of Larry Hammersley's work. I always feel an almost calming effect once I've read one of his books. Taking Advantage is no different. If you would like to read a sweet high school romance, then Taking Advantage is for you!


  1. Congrats on this wonderful review, Larry, and I agree with the reviewer. He's an amazing author, and I love the more innocent, simpler way of life that we can only today yearn for.

    Good job, Larry! :)

  2. Val, I really like books that do that, take me back to a simpler time, especially on a really stressful day.

  3. Congratulations on your great review, Larry. I do agree with Val, your books do take one back to a time when love was pure and innocent. It makes me sad to think that today's young men and women, who think they have it all, have actually lost something very precious. I'm looking forward to reading 'Taking advantage.'

  4. A beautiful excerpt plus a great review! Larry you have your own unique style. Keep it up and we will be buying your books from The New York Times Best Sellers' List.


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