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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review - Waiting for an Eclipse by Karen Wiesner

Title: Waiting for an Eclipse, Book 2 of the Wounded Warriors Series

Author: Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Unical Press

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Rating: You NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Steve Thomas has a self-destructive wife, three kids, more guilt than one man can handle...and a chance at true love for the first time in his life--if only he can allow himself to take it.

This is the third book I have read in the Wounded Warrior Series and it is my favorite so far! Although full of trauma it is also full of hope. The title is perfect as Steve and the children, and Kristina in her own way, are in a dark place waiting to come into the light and live fully again.

Steve married Jessie for the wrong reasons 12 years ago. Right before they married he fought with Jessie’s brother, Tommie, who had also been Steve’s best friend. Tommie was killed in a car accident before they could heal the breach and Steve has always carried the guilt of Tommie’s death and the weight of agreeing to take care of Jessie. But Jessie isn’t easy to take care of. She is model gorgeous but one headstrong and messed up young woman -- partying, doping and sleeping with whomever she falls in bed with – both before the marriage and after.

Steve has served as the primary caregiver for the three children who each have their own traumas as a result of Jessie’s lack of mothering and blatantly negative behaviors. Steve has struggled for twelve years in the marriage, committed by guilt and his fear that the children would be hurt further by a custody battle with Jess.

Kristina is a counselor at the college where Steve works. She is quiet and reserved and hides her beauty. She fell in love with Steve the first time they bumped into each other six years ago. She knows that Steve is in a terrible marriage but she is willing to be there and be his friend as she doesn’t dare dream there can be anything else. But when he finally seeks some friendship with her and they spend time together, the sexual pull and energy becomes palpable.

This book presents the trauma of a family, including young children, when the mother is an irresponsible drug addict. It isn’t a pretty picture but rather heartrendingly realistic and sad. I liked that Ms. Wiesner presented real emotions in the characters without creating a soap opera overload. I especially appreciated Steve’s commitment to his children and to his marriage vows in spite of Jessie’s behavior. He honored both the institution of marriage and Kristina by his actions. I also liked Kristina’s attitude that sought the positive in the situations around her and allowed for hope to grow and flourish. Steve deserved a wonderful, caring woman like Kristina! Ms. Wiesner has woven another wonderfully emotional and beautiful romance.

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