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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Review - Betrayal by Kim Amburn

Title: Betrayal

Author: Kim Amburn

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Roberta

The last thing Louisville corporate attorney Becca Ellis expects to find when she makes an emergency trip home is her sister's body hanging naked in her bedroom. The sheriff says its suicide, but Becca knows better--and what’s all this about Elizabeth willing the famly home and its contents to the new church in town?

When Mac Holt left the army to care for his dying mother, he never expected see Becca Ellis again. He’d betrayed her fourteen years ago, and knew it. But when no one else will help her find out what happened to her sister, and someone tries to kill Becca, too, Mac feels he owes it to her to step in and keep her safe for as long as she’s in Sedgefield—whether Becca wants him around or not.

Will they discover the truth about Elizabeth’s killer, the past, and their feelings for each other before time runs out?

Do you enjoy a book where you can see it unfolding in your mind like a movie? I know I do. This is the way this author, Kim Amburn, tells hers story. You can picture the scenes, the characters, and the action like it is happening right in front of you.

Not only is the book filled with action, it has a highly intriguing plot of murder, drugs, religion, affairs, and adoptions. You will be wondering who did the murders, but how the author is going to tie everything together. You will just have to pick up the book to find out.

Rebecca, one of the main characters, is to stubborn for her own good. You just want to sit her down and try and talk some sense into her. Mac is your typical hero of wanting to save the heroine, but not sure how to deal with her stubbornness. They can be comical at times. All the characters in the book are well developed and entertaining.

If you enjoy romantic suspense, please give this author, Kim Amburn, and the book, 'Betrayal' a shot. Personally, I would like to read more of her work in the future.

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  1. Kim has another book out, Suburban Secrets, which is just as good :)


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