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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review - Blood Rite by Trista Ann Michaels

Title: Blood Rite

Author: Trista Ann Michaels

Publisher: Loose Id

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Julian thought he’d rid the world of Sebastian, but with a warning from a long ago dead soul, Julian’s worst fear will be realized. Not only is Sebastian back, but the witch’s council needs Julian to protect his daughter, Addison. She’s beautiful, stubborn, and a worst of all, a witch -- the very thing the four-hundred-year-old vampire hates most of all.

To top it off, his best friend, Andre, is not only determined to win her for himself, but is positive the three of them can make a relationship work. That’s provided they all survive and provided Julian can get past her magical abilities. She may be turning into a vampire like him, but that doesn’t mean he can trust her.

With Blood Rite, Trista Ann Michaels has written a very dark yet seductive vampire novel sure to satisfy even the most die-hard paranormal or erotic fan. This novel has all the key elements: magic, blood, sex, ménage play, thrills and chills with a touch of humor thrown in as a bonus. Rich in character development, strong in plot, and filled with plenty of lush love scenes this story contains all the literary components needed to make it a definite fan favorite.

Never having read this particular author before, I was pleasantly surprised at how multi dimensional and well-developed the players are, not your typical literary characters doomed to remain true to typecasting for the entire book. Ms. Michaels’s characters are fluid, able to adapt as the situation warrants, which keeps the reader guessing how the book will develop. She has a gift for fast-paced and witty dialogue that shows true emotion between her characters. There are quite a few surprises in this story, but nothing too outlandish or unrealistic that would keep the reader from believing the basic storyline. A very entertaining book, well worth it’s favorable recommendation.

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