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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review - Charisma by Wendy Stone

Title: Charisma

Author: Wendy Stone

Publisher: Phaze Books

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Reviewed By: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Want to Read

The follow-up to A Strange New Breed! Charisma is a siren, the last of her kind. She is running from a man who wants to use the sirens' songs for evil purposes.

Kadian James has his own special powers. He hunts down the beautiful redhead who bumped into him, wanting to save her from her own hell. But when the evil catches her, will Kadian be enough to save her?

Charisma is the last decendent of Odysesus and the Sirens of Legend, on the run from Hood- a man who wants to use her for evil and to curb his desires. After killing the third of Hood's goons, Charisma finds running, directly into Kadian's arms. Will his were-dragon abiities be enough to keep her safe?

There is alot to like about Charisma. Fantastical characters and crazily matched couples, not to mention were-rabbits and every other kind of were. Charisma and Kadian keep the sparks and suspense tense to the very end. Ms. Stone's imagery is five star, and I did enjoy the book. My only complaint would be there is a LOT going on here. Scenes seem to switch from one pair to another and at times I felt lost, wondering "Isn't this Charisma's and Kadian's story? So where are they?" With so much to take in, it was hard to focus on what I perceived to be the hero and heroine. Still a good read, perhaps I should have read the previous book in the series to better understand the sequel.

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