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Friday, August 14, 2009

Review - Chasing Shadows by Lauren Hope

Title: Chasing Shadows

Author: Lauren Hope

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Heidi Aston is as surprised as anyone when her husband, who’s been mysteriously gone for months, shows up in the delivery room just as she’s giving birth to their baby. A baby he didn’t even know existed.

When newborn Lilly is brutally kidnapped days later, Heidi is given no choice but to join forces with her estranged husband, Joseph, in a wild and terrifying journey to find their baby. In time, Heidi finds that Joseph’s absence was not only mysterious but suspicious, as well. And to top it all off, they are dealing with one unorthodox kidnapper.

As two lost hearts and souls search for love again, as well as their newborn child, their journey will take all the courage they can muster for there to be any hope of reigniting their romance or getting their four-day-old infant back alive.

This is a story of reunion with a nice message. It has plenty of action too.

Heidi is a new mother completely enthralled with her baby. She is surprised when her estranged husband returns and a little wary as to his motives. She soon becomes furious when baby Lily is kidnapped because of something Joseph did. Joseph apparently is finally maturing and willing to take responsibility for his own actions and he wants to reunite and take care of his family. Unfortunately he has brought trouble home with him.

The story opens with the intense emotions of high pain and joy of child birth! Very shortly the baby is kidnapped and Heidi and Joseph are frantically trying to get her back.

There is a constant sensual pull between Heidi and Joseph plus a whole range of other emotions such as doubt, anger, guilt, fear and frustration. It was never totally clear to me what had caused Heidi and Joseph to separate. Heidi is willing to take things slowly in their reunion until Lily is kidnapped and she learns that it is because of Joseph. Although she is furious with him she also seems to realize that she will have a better chance of getting Lily back if she works with Joseph.

The story started out fast paced and ended with lots of tight, well written action. Unfortunately it seemed that the middle of the book got bogged down in repetitious details of Heidi’s inner thought processes and analysis of her relationship with Joseph. It did not read smoothly for me then but seemed to drag for a bit. The character of Heidi seemed a bit whiney and a lot stubborn. Her determination to rescue her baby is good at some points but results in stupid actions when she runs off to confront the kidnappers by herself. The character of Joseph did not seem to me to be completely or clearly developed. He tended to get distracted by his attraction and desire for Heidi.

It was a good plot but perhaps needed better tightening and less repetition in the middle. The story does have a nice message of redemption and forgiveness. If you like to delve into a character’s detailed thought process, I think you would especially like this book.

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