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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Review - Country Heat: Wolf In The Shadows by Biana Kingsley

Title: Country Heat: Wolf In The Shadows

Author: Biana Kingsley

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewer: Laura

A survivor of childhood abuse, Aubrey Woodhaus worked hard to become a success in her own eyes, turning her inherited homestead into a business selling natural products. At forty seven, she’s sad that her chance for real love has passed because of her bad choices in men and an inability to trust anyone. When she meets sexy, smart Jensen Keets, it’s lust at first sight - despite that he’s fifteen years younger than her. One night, against her better judgment, she takes him as her lover. No harm done, right? It’s just sex.

Jensen is struck by Aubrey’s independence and brains, not to mention her beauty and killer curves. It’s not just sex to him, so he indulges her impressive sensual appetite for him, while he battles through her thick wall of defenses to the devoted and gentle heart he knows is in there.

For anyone who has denied themselves a relationship with a younger man, this book is for you. Aubrey is the epitome of a strong, confident, older woman whose feelings for Jensen cause her to be vulnerable and unsure of herself. I loved watching her evolve into someone she never thought she could be. Jensen is the perfect mixture of strength, caring and patience to guide her through this metamorphasis. The author creates interesting situations that cause panic attacks for Aubrey and then cleverly uses dialogue and emotion to bring her slowly around. Since Jensen and Aubrey they are both single parents, it is a given that the children create complicated situations without even trying. Ms. Kingsley flavors the plot with a vindictive ex-wife and her jealous boyfriend, and the tensions build and sparks fly. This book is worth reading whether you are in a relationship where age is a factor or you just enjoy reading about a couple trying to keep things together against all odds. This is a fantastic, well-rounded story.

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