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Monday, August 31, 2009

Review - The Dragon and the Rose by Gini Rifkin

Title: The Dragon and the Rose

Author: Gini Rifkin

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Buy The Dragon and the Rose Here!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

He was the Dragon of Normandy. She was the Rose of Flanders. They met in the North of England and together they changed the course of hearts and history. Sir Branoc Valtaigne, ordered to Northumbria by King William II, fights to keep peace along the Scottish border. He is a formidable battle-tested warrior, but as he honors his vows to God, king, and country--a young woman’s smile proves to be his undoing. Martanzia Verheire, tricked into standing as good faith hostage for Flanders, seeks freedom from castle Bamburgh and love from Sir Branoc. As she clings to the Celtic dragon statue given to her by her mother, she leads them all to the brink of an era where true magic will be gone forever but where dreams can still come true.

This is a good story that could use a bit of editing. It really could have been done in about half the pages and turned out just as well.

The characters in this story are fun and very believable. Each has their own set of personality traits and motivations which are shown in their actions, dialogue, and thoughts. It makes then easy to understand and relate to.

Overall, though the story is on the purple side, the story is good and the characters realistic.

1 comment:

  1. I am so excited to have my copy of The Dragon and the Rose in hand! i haven't started reading it yet, but i feel like i alreay know the characters.
    Gini has a wonderful and adventurous mind and i have no doubt that i will get totally lost in the places and people with eager anticipation!
    The cover art is very well done and entices me to open the pages and follow Martanzia and Sir Branoc on their journeys!


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