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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Review - Janette's Tale: Chronicls of the White Tower Book One by Mark Patrick

Title: Janette’s Tale: Chronicles of the White Tower Book One

Author: Mark Patrick

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

With great power comes great adventure.

Janette, a young huntress, is forced into an epic journey when she’s saved by an Adepti knight from the Order of the White Tower. Instead of the usual shining armor, white horse and gleaming sword, Sir Conrad wields a mystical sapphire that imbues him with great power.

Chased across country by the High Inquisitor, the pair seek aid from a goddess. And when they get it, Janette finds herself gifted with beautiful but deadly powers of her own, attracting more danger than ever before.

This story is cute, the concept is interesting and the plot well constructed. However, in the realm of the epic adventures, it falls a little flat. The primus of an epic is to have someone who rises from obscurity, who overcomes many trials, to accomplish great things. In order for an epic to be a success, the characters must be relatable and we much fear for their safety.

The failing of this story is that the main character, Janette, is perfect. Only once in the entire story did she make a mistake, and even then it was to her benefit. Despite the fact she is little more then a peasant, and never been anything more until the day she meets the Knight, she is an excellent military strategist, negotiator, and never appears out of her element – even when dealing with nobles and people of other cultures. All this creates a character who is unrelatable to the reader.

The supporting cast is no better, all of whom always seem to make the choice that is best for the largest numbers of people. The only characters who seem to bumble their way through life are the assorted antagonists.

Overall, the story isn’t bad, it’s just a bit dull. This story seems more suited for children’s literature, than an adult audience.

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