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Monday, August 31, 2009

Review - Light in the Darkness by E.A. West

Title: Light in the Darkness

Author: E.A. West

Publisher: Sea Crest eBooks

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Want to Read

Kennedy Drake loves exploring dark places, which makes his job as a graveyard shift security guard ideal. While checking out strange noises in his elderly neighbor’s basement, he discovers a hidden room with a woman trapped inside. Chastity Mooreland has more to fear than her time trapped in darkness. Will Kennedy believe her bizarre tale of a stalker no one thinks is guilty—and will he help free her from a life of despair? Can Chastity look past her suspicion of mankind to accept his offer of friendship?

While checking out a 'bump in the night' noise in his elderly neighbor's basement, Kennedy Drake finds Chastity Mooreland trapped in a secret chamber. Not entirely convinced she isn't a thief, he is reluctant to believe her story of an exboyfriend having her threatened and chased into the cave. When her story checks out, he decides to help gather evidence against her stalker.

I found Light in the Darkness a short sweet story. Kennedy's willingness to help a stranger and affection and protectiveness for his neighbor Louise was refreshing. Chastity's nightmare of a stalker was compounded by her ex being a police officer. The situation made me wonder how many other women have this same problem and are injured or killed by their boyfriends in blue, because the legal system looked the other way. Something to think about and a great story!

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