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Monday, August 3, 2009

Review - Made in America, Sold in the Nam by Ritter and Richards

Title: Made in America Sold in the Nam
Author: Rick Ritter and Paul Richards
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Buy Link: Buy Here

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Val

Made in America, Sold in the Nam brings together the writings of more than two dozen Vietnam-era veterans who have never before had the chance to speak their peace. Though diaries, essays, and poems, each contributor brings a unique first-person perspective that will be appreciated by veterans, their families, and historians. Taken together, this book represents the conscience of a nation: patriotic, duty-bound, and mired in a swamp of confusion and pain.

Made in America, Sold in the Nam is one of the most riveting and mournful books I think I have ever read. These are very real stories from soldiers who served throughout Vietnam. It breaks my heart that we are reproducing the very same stories of death, torture, agony and loss during our present war. In my opinion, there is not one among us who should miss reading this book. We need to be grateful for the freedom that our soldiers have fought for but we must also understand that our men and women in the military will, in most cases, not be the same people they were when they left. We must understand how to help them. I cannot imagine the torment these soldiers endured. While reading this book, I cried many times. At times I was asking myself, is war worth it when the outcome is nothing less than pure hell inflicted on our soldiers? Every story, journal entry and poem filled my heart and mind and I thank each and every soldier for telling me their story. My sincere thanks go out to you and you should be honored each and every day for all that you lived through. Made in America, Sold in the Nam is an uncut and uncensored book as it rightfully should be. I am moved that I was able to read each soldier's work and I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE! Instead of glossing over the Vietnam war in schools, I believe this book should be required reading to show students, this is the REAL war, this is how it really is!

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