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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Review - Pitch Black by Leslie Parrish

Title: Pitch Black

Author: Leslie Parrish

Publisher: Penquin Group

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Roberta

After a botched investigation left him wounded and disgraced, Special Agent Alec Lambert was forced to transfer onto Wyatt Blackstone's team. This former profiler has lost his edge, buried by the guilt he feels over another agent's death. But he'll need all his skills when he realizes he's getting another crack at a case that has haunted him. A serial killer known as the Professor is now using the latest e-mail schemes to lure his victims and the Black CATs are on his trail.

Samantha Dalton didn't set out to become an online vigilante, until her grandmother was swindled out of everything she owned. Devoting herself to exposing fraud and preventing tragedies from happening to other families, Sam has gained fame and success with her website and a recently released book. A hermit since her ugly divorce, Sam really doesn't want the outside world intruding on her privacy. Especially not when that outside world is a sexy FBI agent who tells her she has a cyber connection to a murdered teenage boy.

When the killer opens a line of communication with Sam via her website, Alec and his team enlist her help to stop him. There's one thing they don't know, however. The Professor doesn't just see Sam Dalton as an anonymous online foe. He is, in fact, her number one fan. He's been watching her, waiting for the time to be right to make his move. He just isn't sure what that move will be.

Take her. Or kill her.

Even though I have not read the first book in this series, it stands alone quit well. Each book is an individualized story with reoccurring characters and some new ones along the way.

Between the plot, the dialogue and the characters, I don't know which one to brag about first. The plot is not only fast paced but well thought out. What hooked me was I could see this happening in real life which at first sent a shiver up my spine. The verbal dialogue between characters was realistic not only with the two main characters, Sam and Alex, but with the secondary characters as well. The non-verbal communication between Sam and Alex seemed to be effortless. It was almost like they could read each others thoughts and feelings. Between the twist and turns of the plot and the provoking dialogue, you will be glued to your seat reading until you get to the last page.

This is Leslie Parrish's first endeavor into the romantic suspense genre. Personally, I am so glad she took the leap. Not only do I plan on going back and picking up the first book, Fade To Black. I plan on adding the third book, Black at Heart, to my to buy list.

If you are a true fan and reader of the romantic suspense genre, this series needs to be added to your growing list of books to buy and read. I'm looking forward to reading more from Leslie Parrish in the future.

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  1. Hi Roberta-

    So glad to hear you liked Pitch Black! I am really glad to know the book worked well as a stand-alone, since you hadn't read Fade to Black first. That was definitely one of my concerns when writing this trilogy. (It was a little harder with book 3, but I think at least the first two are very distinct.)

    Thanks again, I really appreciate the kind words!


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