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Monday, August 10, 2009

Review - Pure Heaven by Jenetter Dupris

Title: Pure Heaven, Legends of Loving Texas

Author: Jenette Dupris

Publisher: Red Rose

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Rating: You Gotta To Read

Reviewer: Heather

When her uncle left her in the dust of Loving, Texas, Honey Carrington survived by keeping house at the Moonlight Hotel, all the while dreaming of marrying a respectable rancher. But dangerous is the only word for tall, dark and handsomeTexas Ranger, Brett Masters. She's drawn by the velvet caress of his voice, but becomes suspicious of his admiring appraisal of her when he warns his friends she belongs to him.

With a risky job like Brett's, and still on the hunt for rogue werewolves who killed his parents, he figures love can only leave a widow. Leader of the wolf pack, he never expected to find his mate, until he met Honey.

Now he must prove in front of witnesses, according to the pack law love ritual, that she belongs to him. When her life is threatened, he must protect her at all cost from the last of the rogue werewolves. But can he?

I am loving Loving, Texas! This town is putting out some really great couples with some really great stories. Pure Heaven had to follow Renee Michaels’ A Wild Ride to Paradise and Tambra Kendall’s Cowboy of Night, and it certainly did not disappoint me. Honey and Brett heat up Loving with their passionate desire for each other. Honey is faced with the uncertainty of her future, hoping to find a well off rancher to marry. She finds herself in the arms of Brett, who not only wants her for his primal needs but has a distinct sense of protectiveness when it comes to this sweet little woman. The heat level is off the charts between these two. Pure Heaven has definitely earned itself a You Gotta Read rating!


  1. Hi Heather, I'm so glad you like the Legends books. I say this as a coming soon Legends author myself. These were so much fun to write!!

    Jane Leopold Quinn

  2. Hi Heather,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I'm thrilled you enjoyed Pure Heaven.

    I know you'll enjoy all of the Legends of Loving, Texas books.

    Jenette DuPris

  3. WOW, this sounds like a great plot. Look forward to being able to check out your story.


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