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Monday, August 10, 2009

Review - To A Foreign Shore by N.A.Gauthier

Title: To A Foreign Shore

Author: N. A. Gauthier

Publisher: Red Rose

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Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewer: Heather

Prim Hannah departs from the stifling afternoon teas that symbolize her tame life, and sets on a path to adventure. Australia - and a dashing, debonair new husband will assuredly change her life.

And it all does change, adventures are about the unexpected. Young Hannah never expected the like of a Hugh Nelson, First Mate… nor the darkness of one soul she'd come to trust.

From the Themes to the Bass Strait and beyond, her life is never again tame…

Johanna, the daughter of a successful businessman, marries a Edward who is after money for a business deal in Australia. Their honeymoon is to be the voyage to Australia. Johanna is fighting a bout of seasickness for much of the voyage and her honeymoon is cut short. She finds that she has married a man she cannot love, but sees no way out of it without humiliating her family. The crew of the ship sees her suffering at the hands of her husband and covertly intervene. She finds herself falling in love and knows that there can never be anything to come of this love. Her fate has been sealed.

This was a good story, my only wish is that it could have been longer. I think with a few more details to the story I could have given it a “You Gotta Read” rating. I would have loved to have had more information on the relationship between Johanna and Edward and lots more of Hugh. While I enjoyed reading To A Foreign Shore, I feel like I was left with some unanswered questions and wanting more. I am never one to pass up a historical romance taking place primarily on a ship and I was even more pleased to find that the “foreign shore” was Australia. I definitely recommend reading To A Foreign Shore.

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