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Monday, September 28, 2009

Review - Beginner's Luck by Karenna Colcroft

Title : Beginner's Luck

Author : Karenna Colcroft

Publisher : Pink Petal Books

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You need to read

Kyla has an issue with trust. Until she meets Alec. Alec is funny, charming, loving, and the first man to win her trust. To show him exactly how much she loves and trusts him, Kyla decides to give him something she's given to no man. Purchasing the Anal Beginner's Kit is easy, but giving up her "final frontier" is hard. With Alec's love, patience, and a lot of lube, Kyla learns to give her all to the man she loves.

After escaping an abusive marriage with her two young daughters, Kyla is loathe to trust anyone. Somehow Alec has slipped into her heart, giving her the will to trust him and the confidence to explore their physical relationship together. Ms. Colcroft crafts an entertaining hot read, deftly allowing Kyla to have a career, her love for Alec, and still manages to show Kyla's responsibility toward her daughters needs as well. A happy ever after that leaves a lesson, Love is patient and kind in all things.

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