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Monday, September 28, 2009

Review - Cool Water by Joan Alexander

Title: Cool Water

Author: Joan Alexander

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Rating: You Want to Read - A Good book.

Reviewed by: Shawn Weisser

Can Miranda stop a rapist who moves with the cold certainty of madness?

Someone is killing rapists as they come out of prison.

Miranda is a QC with a cause. She saved her friend Lavender from murder, but couldn’t save her from rape. The rapist serves only fourteen months of his sentence, and Miranda determines to make changes in the law.

Now working on her thesis in her own private hideout in Gloucestershire, where even her surgeon lover can’t find her, she discovers that Jason, one of the rapists she sent down for his crimes, is after her. He’s conceived a hideous passion for her and sets a trap.

Is the killer watching over Miranda--and will their protection come in time?

Review: I really enjoyed ready Cool Water because of its twist in the story line. I liked how the author, Joan Alexander, developed the characters. I could identify with the women who had been stalked through the way in which Ms. Alexander described their emotions and thoughts as they feared for their lives. The delayed introduction of the main character was a little strange but it added more detail to who she was and what her goals were. I did feel that her character would have benefited from a longer story and more information on her family, friends, and significant other. Character development through relationships is more rounded. The main character was devoid of any real interaction with coworkers, which was a little odd since her job required human interaction. The story was great, I loved the “happy ending” with her only real friend and her boyfriend as it made me feel hopeful that she would begin living a relatively normal life. This could be turned into a full novel or series that I would read.

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