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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review - Far From Innocent by Arlene Knowell

Title: Far From Innocent

Author: Arlene Knowell

Publisher: Carnal Passions/Champagne Books

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Roberta

If Green Beret, Dex McKelvy, hadn’t ended their relationship, Rachel Kenyon would have never left town. She would have stayed with him, enjoying the hot lustful sex. But with a broken heart she made her way to start a new life and job in Hopkinsville, KY.

She never expected to meet Blake Linden, or to wake up with him in her bed. Blake was more than just a lover, he was a sexual God. He was protective, and it was no surprise that he’d sent the private detective hired by Dex packing back to Denver. It was a surprise however, that he and Dex knew each other. In fact, they’d shared a woman a decade ago. But once they’d shared Rachel, it was far too late to realize that they weren’t willing to share after all.

To have two men wanting you seems like the ultimate dream for some women. However, Rachel has her hands full in this story and has some difficult decisions to make not only personally but professionally as well.

There are several sex scenes in this story that some people might find offensive especially a menage scene. Personally, I found it very steamy and hot. It actually added to the dilemma that Rachel faces with Dex and Blake. I have to say I was not a fan of Dex from the opening couple of chapters. I did fall in love with Blake immediately. I'm trying not to give anything away about the ending. I'll just say it's a happy ending depending on who you are rooting for.

During a couple of the conversations between Rachel and Dex, I felt myself needing a tissue. The conversation just grabbed me and pulled at my heart strings. I would love to read more of this authors work and hope to see longer stories in the future.


  1. ok, this looks so good, just added to my TBR!!!

  2. I just wanted to stop in and say a special thanks to Roberta for the wonderful review. Far From Innocent is my first novella, and your praise pushes me to keep on doing my thing.

    Thank you for your comments on the sex scenes, especially the menage. I'm delighted that you liked it. I know that erotica is about pushing the envelope, and not everyone is going to like it. If you want to read more of my work however, I'll assume I did it right!

    Don't be surprised to see more Rachel, Blake a couple of new characters that make the pages ignite. Even after finishing Far From Innocent I've found that Blake isn't ready to hang up the hero hat just yet.

    Thanks for the fantastic rating, but most of all thanks for taking the time to read Far From Innocent.


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