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Monday, September 28, 2009

Review - Ghost Unlaid by Marie Treanor

Title : Ghost Unlaid

Author : Marie Treanor

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Gotta Read

A rebellious librarian encounters the ghost of an ancient Scottish king... Rare book specialist, Julie Macbeth is sent to work on the Drummonds' private library in Edinburgh as a punishment. But in fact, she is delighted with the job and fascinated by Lulach, the charming eccentric who appears to live there. When Lulach claims to be the ghost of a thousand year old king, she's sure that he’s insane. But as she begins to fall in love, it breaks her heart to know that she should do everything in her power to lay his spirit to rest at last.

Lulach was once a king of Scotland, loved by his stepfather MacBeth and most of his subjects, until he fell at the hands of Malcom. Gifted with the sight, he'd known his true time was in a century far away. He waits among the dust and books in Drummond's library.

Julie loves her job, but hates her boss. Why shouldn't she? He claimed the promotion that should have been hers. Sometimes going out of the way to devil him, she sends a raunchy email to her friends in the office, but is caught. As punishment, she is sent to Drummond castle to catalogue the old volumes for library purchase. Loving books the way she does this seems like more of a reward for bad behavior. Before she realizes the handsome and a little nutty gentleman who hangs out in the library is not of this world, Julie has already fallen in love with him. But what is best for Lulach? Should she help him move on? Or is there a way for him to stay with her until her time comes?

A brilliant story filled with humor, light and love. My heart was breaking for Julie from the start. I kept thinking, come on Julie! You're smart! Find a way to save him! I love the ending, which I'm keeping secret. You've gotta read it for yourself! Ms. Treanor is a wonderful storyteller, spinning her webs of drama, passion into happilly ever afters. Her endearing characters have earned her a spot on 'the list'.


  1. Brynna, thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm thrilled with the "You gotta read" rating, and delighted you enjoyed the book so much :) I admit I have a special soft spot for Ghost Unlaid because it was the first romance I ever wrote :)
    Best wishes

    Marie Treanor

  2. It was a pleasure to read, Ma'am, and I know just how you feel.


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