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Friday, September 18, 2009

Review - Leyla's Locket by Paige Jackson

Title: Leyla's Locket: Book One of the Sera Chronicles

Author: Paige Jackson

Publisher : Create Space

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Gotta Read

Seraphinus (Sera) Ulric dreads the latest in a series of moves forced on
her by her father's company. Their next stop is San Kristinese, a small
town in the desert area of West Texas. Underneath the sleepy exterior lurks
a hidden world where magic is real and things are not always what they
seem. When Sera's family moves in next to Cressida Hammund, events are set
in motion that will change their lives forever. Within days of her arrival,
Sera gets on the wrong side of a bully, receives an unexpected birthday
present, and makes several new surprising friends. Together they must
unlock the secrets of an ancient necklace in a race against time to save
magic . . . and each other. Sera must deal with the hope of finally having
a permanent home while being drawn into a web of magic, danger, legends,
friendship, secrets, and conflict that will draw on every ounce of her
courage and wits to survive.

Cressida Hammond is the last surviving member of her family thanks to her casting a shield spell and her father's quick thinking. Her mother, father and sister are killed by a dark one and her home is destroyed. Flash to the present, Cressida has made it her mission to find the wraith who killed her family. Dreams of the fire still haunt her, but with someone more.

When Serephinus Ulric moves in next door to Cressida, strange things start happening for both of them. Sera becomes Cressida's apprentice, gains a familiar and falls into more danger than she could have imagined.. Together they must solve the mystery of Leyla's locket, the family tree and the fire if either of them is to escape with their lives. One thing is certain, either all of Sera's fondests dreams or worst nightmares will finally come true.

Ms. Jackson has created a world which blends seamlessly with our own. Engaging and heartfelt, her characters feel like old friends rather than ink and paper. This book is told from both Sera and Cressida point of view, putting us in the mind of both heroines. Most of the young adult books I've read, focus on one main character with the world wrapping around them, but here the author has blended both heroines allowing them to co-exist in a novel.. Not an easy task to blend an adult's thought and a child's while still making the book enjoyable for both. Well done and I've added her to the list.

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