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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review - Midnight Frolic by Loree Lough

Title: Midnight Frolic

Author: Loree Lough

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

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Rating: You NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

When Emily Alden relocated to historic Main Street in Ellicott City, the last thing she expected was that the shopkeeper next door would judge her 'guilty', based on the inaccurate quotes of a cub reporter. In her mind, Cory Russell should have been born to another era! As for Cory, he believes women like Emily--who put work and self ahead of all else--are what's wrong with this country! Like oil and water, it seems they'll go in opposite directions, despite their obvious attraction to one another. But will they heed God's lessons of compromise, or hold fast to their stubborn ways and remain alone, forever?

This is lovely sweet read!

Emily is a sensible and confident shop owner. Because of her own distant parents and a broken engagement she believes that marriage is not for her and she focuses her energies on her shop. Although Emily is attracted to the handsome neighbor shopkeeper she is not about to fall for someone who wants to change her!

Cory has had his share of broken hearts. His last fiancĂ© left him when she learned that he decided to give up a prestigious law practice to help manage his family’s coffee shop. He is pleasantly surprised when Emily shows up to help at a community project and pitches in with hard work and no complaints. Cory recognizes Emily’s independent nature but is still drawn to her indomitable spirit.

These two look as though there is no way they would get together, but they can’t fight the drawing attraction! Cory is the first to give in and he gets good encouragement and advice from his upbeat mother who is trusting God to work things out for her son. Cory just has to convince Emily that he will accept her without expecting or demanding that she change!

These are both good characters and a fun magnetic pull, push type of plot! I like how Cory’s faith is portrayed in a steadfast way and he shows love and patience in his approach to Emily! It is a wonderfully sweet story that left me with a good warm feeling and the desire to read more by this author!

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