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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review - Raquel's Abel by Leigh Barbour

Title : Raquel’s Abel

Author : Leigh Barbour

Publisher : Red Rose Publishing

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Gotta Read

What's a girl to do when all seems to be weighing on her? Between her grandmother, who insists she's Anastasia Romanov, the thirty-bedroom mansion she can't afford, and the one hundred-fifty pounds she needs to lose, Raquel thinks she's going crazy.

Abel Rollins, the ghost only Raquel's grandmother can see, has a different opinion. He loves Raquel the way she is and he sets out to make sure she doesn't have that surgery. According to Abel, hospitals are bad news. After all, he died in one from mustard gas in World War I.

Raquel has struggled with a weight problem all her life leaving her emotionally sensitive about her appearance. Between caring for her delusional grandmother, overseeing the upkeep of a monstrous house and a soap opera watching maid, Raquel has more problems than she can handle. She doesn't need a suitor from World War I telling her in a ghostly fashion she shouldn't have the surgery she so desperately needs to save her health. She wishes Abel would keep his ghostly nose out of her business, but then he's so handsome.

Wonderfully sweet and funny, Raquel won my loyalty from the beginning and kept me rooting for her all the way to the end. We could all learn a lesson from Abel. It's not the size of self that dictates worth, it's the size of heart. Ms. Barbour creates a wonderfully imagined novel everyone is sure to enjoy!

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