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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review - Shutter by Trista Ann Michaels

Title: Shutter

Author: Trista Ann Michaels

Publisher: Loose Id LLC

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Magazine photographer Bethany thought the nightmare of her past was over, that she could finally move on without fear. She thought wrong. Thank goodness she won’t have to face it alone. She has Nathan and Derrick to help her. But Bethany wants a little more than just their help.

Derrick and Nathan are used to sharing women, but never a woman they both have feelings for. While they struggle to get past the jealousy and tension of their joint seduction, they have a bigger, more important battle—against the monster determined to claim her for himself.

With two Alpha males like Derrick and Nathan around a girl could get mighty comfortable. Each man is wonderful in his own way and both have their eye on Bethany. Can she choose just one? I know I would have a hard time choosing myself.

Trista Ann Michaels writes a great flowing story brining you into her world and making you a part of it. I truly loved the depth of all her characters especially Bethany. She fights her way back from a dark past and learns to take back her life. Finding herself and what she enjoys. As Bethany begins to grow into herself a threat from her past shows up. With Derrick and Nathan at her side she must confront this monster so she can get on with her life. This book is a hot read with each man trying his best to seduce Bethany and win her heart. I found it hard to cheer on just one. The love and trust that grows between the three is beautiful to read and in the end we can see how it was all worth the trouble. I enjoyed the relationship between Nathan and Derrick a lot. Being best friends and doing everything together even sharing women but that all changes when they each realize they have feelings for Bethany. They both go on a roller coaster ride of feelings and fight for their friendship as well. Derrick and Nathan must learn as they go and must help Bethany and put her before all else. A great read full of action and suspense this story should not be missed.

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