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Friday, September 18, 2009

Review - The Tiger Within by Viki Lyn

Title: The Tiger Within

Author: Viki Lyn

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Patchcat

I had some problems with this book. It wasn’t that the storyline wasn’t intriguing or that it didn’t grab me from the beginning; it was and it did. The problems I had were that it didn’t keep me as well as it could have and the characters were very two dimensional.

There was a lot of room for growth here, and I really felt that the author just didn’t use that room to expand her characters. I had no real investment in them. At the height of the action – both in terms of the loose plotline and the relationship, such as it was – I really didn’t find myself caring whether Antoine and Jack ended up together or if Antoine would make it in time to save the day. Yes, we learned a little bit about both of them during the course of the story, but most of it was snippets of background information, none of which really gave any insight into the characters themselves.

One of the other issues I had was with Jack and his “struggle” to come to terms with his sexuality. There’s a lot of telling about how Jack isn’t that kind of man, or about him being afraid that someone will discover “his secret” and very little showing the reader what he’s going through. As it stands, I had a hard time believing in Jack’s conflict. It felt a lot like he was just going through the motions, and he gave in very quickly.

I would have liked to like Antoine. He seemed, at first, like he could be a very interesting character, in a rather flamboyant, in-your-face way…but that never really happened. Yes, we had a lot of Jack thinking about how much of a “flaming faggot” Antoine was; but we never really got to see that – other than maybe in his wardrobe.

So, why, if I don’t seem to have liked this book very much, am I not just leaving it on the shelf? Because I actually was entertained by it and there were some very nice scenes here. I greatly enjoyed some of Jack and Antoine’s interactions, and the sex in the garden was hot. (Although I will admit to feeling a little cheated by that fade to black scene at the end. >_>)

Also, I see a lot of potential in the author and the story. If this were to be a series, and any subsequent books dealt with these two characters and their search for the villain, I might be inclined to pick up the next one, just to see if the characters develop more and to see if they actually catch the bad guy. The whole premise here was intriguing. It just felt more like a first or second draft than something that was ready for publication.

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