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Friday, September 18, 2009

Review - Tripping Through Time by Mary Ricksen

Title : Tripping Through Time

Author : Mary M. Ricksen

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Gotta Read!

In the waters of Lake Champlain there is magic, and a Celtic Ring with a mystic spell proves that love is truly timeless.

For years Keealyn McCalley has been under her father's commanding thumb. After a young child dies in her arms, Keealyn leaves nursing school despite his disapproval. She ends up staying at a camp on Lake Champlain, in Vermont.

Depressed and overwhelmed she takes her first drink and before she knows it she is stoned. Hungover and not thinking clearly she jumps into the lake. Her misguided act leads her to find an ancient Celtic ring with a spell on it. Putting it on sends her back to the year 1869. Found on the shore by Ryan Wolf, she is immediately attracted to his misty green eyes, hard body, and compassionate nature.

She must learn to trust him not to abuse her, save her heart, and teach her the powerful healing power of unconditional love.

After a childhood filled with her father's verbal and pysical abuse, Keealyn finds herself in nursing school, still trapped by her father's iron fist. When a young child dies in her arms, Keealyn realizes she's had enough death laid at her feet. She believes, for her, there is only one escape. Drunk, depressed and empty of hope, she jumps into the cool waters of Lake Champlain. On the bottom lies an old ring. She picks it up and finds herself in 1869, in Ryan Wolf's bed.

She is immediately attracted to Ryan. His kindness and gentle hand with both her and his daughters is a welcome oddity in her world. Can she accept him and learn to trust her heart?

An excellent first novel, Ms. Ricksen spins us into a world filled with emotion. Ryan's acceptance of her time travel story was a new twist that elimnated a lot of 'who are you really' angst, a good thing. The author gave us conflict in spades, from a deceased wife, a special needs child, abusive grandparents and even an unexpected surprise. Absolutely wonderful! I look forward to reading Ms. Ricksen's work in the future. Oh, and what happened to Lacy? I'll be waiting to find out.


  1. I read Mary Ricksen's book, Tripping Through Time, ans enjoy it a lot, particularly the emotion that the author describes so well.

  2. Yeah, Mary!!!!! Woot, woot, my talented friend -

  3. I cannot tell you how much this review means to me. You made me want to write! Your words inspired me to get going! Thank you so much Brynna!
    And thank you to my supportive friends, you guys are the best ever!

  4. Many Ccngratulations Mary, this is a wonderful review and you deserve it. I'm so happy for you!

  5. Mary, congrats on a wonderful review! I love the premise of this story!

  6. Congrats, Mary! Great review. You deserve it.

  7. WOW, Mary! I'm impressed! I know this is a thrill for you. Celia Yeary
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  8. Stunning review, Mary. Congrats!

  9. It was my pleasure, Mary! I enjoyed the book very much and yep,you're on 'the list'. That's a good thing.


  10. Woooo Whooo!! That's a well deserved review Mary. I know how much this means to you, kiddo, so I hope you're having an epic celebration. Knowing your, 'accident-prone' husband, is the house still standing? ;)


  11. Thanks everyone, it make me feel so good to know
    how supportive you all are.
    Thanks Brynna, I love you!(grin)


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