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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review - Wilderness Girl by Cate Masters

Title: Wilderness Girl

Author: Cate Masters

Publisher: Freya's Bower

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Jennifer

When Dana's boyfriend drags her to Wilderness Outfitters on a Friday night, she wonders why so many people find The Great Outdoors so great. Until she meets Hank--six feet of tanned muscle, wrapped in a faded black T-shirt and jean shorts loose on his hips. Eyes like wildfire burning in a sun-kissed face. Grinning like a fox. After her boyfriend dumps her in the parking lot, humiliation becomes gratitude when Hank invites her to his favorite camping spot, and she seizes on the impulse to change her boring life.

I loved this story for one main reason- it's why I love romances. The story was so fun. It was also filled with hot and steamy sex scenes, and the figuring out how this relationship will work stuff. I giggled over the start of the book when Dana bumps into Hank in the camping section. It still makes me laugh and blush when I think about it. The characters have their moments of making the relationship work, but that just leads to great making up in so many ways. I had almost hoped Dana would run into her ex somewhere in the story with Hank with her. I always think I like longer books, but the length on this one was just right. Enough to read in one sitting, but filled with everything I needed or wanted to know. Ms. Masters can write a story filled with all the ingredients for a good erotic, romance in my book.

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  1. Thanks so much, Jennifer! I'm honored you gave Wilderness Girl a top rating! It's so great to hear when someone loves reading a story as much as I loved writing it.


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