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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Review - Avenging Allaire by Margie Church

Title: Avenging Allaire

Author: Margie Church

Publisher: Class Act Books

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Reviewed by: Val

The exciting love story of Allaire West and Devon Mercer continues in the thriller, “Avenging Allaire.” The couple plans to marry and live happily ever after but everyone from Devon’s father to their pistol-packing nanny, Lucy, is conspiring against them.

Lucy plots, with the help of her lover, to take advantage of Allaire’s psychotic relapses. She’s eager to turn Allie into a mush-brained lunatic and steal Devon for herself.

Devon’s father calls in his million dollar ransom loan and Devon is forced to return to his father’s firm to repay it. It doesn’t take long for Devon to become suspicious about the revolving door of investors, brokers, and missing information.

In a shocking turn of events, Allaire’s life is in jeopardy again and Devon learns the truth behind Allaire’s kidnapping, the suspicious murders, and the business secrets. Who will survive and who will pay as Devon desperately tries to avenge Allaire. Packed with murder, white collar crime, and plenty of spice, “Avenging Allaire” lives up to the author’s penchant for SASS: Suspense, Angst, Seductive Sizzle.

Avenging Allaire is a continuation of Awakening Allaire. The story of Allaire and Devon's love affair is laced with the horrific lengths people will go to in order to keep the two apart as well as the deep and unconditional love these two characters have for one another. Just when you think circumstances couldn't get any worse for Allaire and Devon, evil once again rears its ugly head in the form of a psychotic nanny, obsessed with her boss and a bodyguard who seems, on the surface, to be a dedicated employee. In reality he has plans to push Allaire over the edge and into the depths of insanity. The hopelessness Devon feels at times begins to reveal itself and he becomes desperate to keep Allaire and his family safe. Devon will go to extremes to keep his family safe, even if that means going back to work for his father.

Ms. Church has done the impossible. When I first read Awakening Allaire (book 1) I thought "Wow, it can't get any better than this!" Then along comes Avenging Allaire (book 2) and I was left breathless. This is a fast moving piece of work that promises action, adventure, and terror as well as love, lust, and intrigue. Violence and evil are front and center in the twisted minds of many characters in Avenging Allaire. It is a suspenseful tale sprinkled with several breathtaking loves scenes that trust me, you don't want to miss! Devon and Allaire's multilayered characters are extremely well crafted as was the plot.

Avenging Allaire was truly written from the mind of a pure genius. Avenging Allaire and Margie Church have both become favorites of mine. I know when I pick up a Margie Church book, that I will be entertained and immersed in world that I don't want to leave and won't soon forget. Margie Church is a very talented writer who is able to write a well rounded plot that captures the reader’s attention and grips your heart. If I could give a higher rating than You Gotta Read, I would certainly do it. I highly recommend you pick up both Awakening Allaire and Avenging Allaire, they are both on my "to keep forever shelf" My congratulations go out to Ms. Church for an outstanding job with both books.


  1. Whooooo whoo! Thank you, Val! I'm beyond thrilled and excited. I hope my readers agree with your assessment. I expect the book out November 1 from Class Act Books.

  2. Congrats Margie! Val- this is a great review for what sounds like another great read!

  3. Thank you, Martha! Totally grinworthy...may I slide you a copy to reveiw?

  4. Congratulations Margie!
    For those unfamiliar with Margie's work, I recommend you rush to get a copy of Awakening Allaire and put Avenging Allaire on the must have wish list.
    Her plots are always tightly woven, filled with characters that come alive on the pages, and will have you staying up late to see what happens next.
    A wonderful review for a wonderful writer!

  5. Holy smokes, Laura. Want to be my honorary fan club president? Thank you!

  6. I just finished reading Awakening Allaire...for the second time. I am absolutely dying to get my hands on the sequel!
    I can't get enough of Allie, Devon and their love story. Margie Church has done a fantastic job of creating a story that completely captivates her readers.

  7. You guys seriously must read Awakening Allaire and then Avenging Allaire! Very gritty plot that is unbelievable! One of the best suspense books I have read in a while.

  8. What a fantastic review!!! So great Margie!

  9. Thanks, Nancy. The book comes out this weekend! Get a copy: www.classactbooks.com !


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