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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Review - Crossing the Line by Ann Wayne

Title : Crossing the Line

Author : Ann Wayne

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

Buy Crossing the Line Here!

Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You've Gotta Read

After a messy divorce, Steven doesn't trust anyone except his best friend Kendra. Friends since childhood she’s got his back, helping him pick up the pieces of his life and learn to love again. But when his thoughts of friendship turn to romance will Kendra still be there for him?

Kendra knows letting Steven stay with her for a little while is a bad idea, but he's her best friend. She suddenly finds herself attracted to him, wanting more than the friendship they've always shared. Does she dare risk her heart and cross the line?

After coming home from his business trip, Steven finds his wife of seven years, Shanna, in their bed with another man. Though he suspected she was cheating, he never guessed the masked man would be his brother Greg. In agony he turns to his other best friend Kendra. Having known each other since childhood, he never expected to feel such heat toward her, but will this new found romance destroy their friendship.

Kendra isn't crazy about having a houseguest, though she loves her friend. She agrees to let Steven share her home while he puts his life back together. Helping him heal isn't easy, knowing he needs to forgive his brother and ex-wife in time or his heart will stay closed. Why is he suddenly so jumpy whenever she's near? And where did all these feelings of desire and jealousy for her best friend come from? An excellent read, warm and full of tension and passion. Kendra finds what she thought she wanted, wasn't really what she craved at all. Steven is able to let go of his hate for Greg and Shanna and welcome new love. A wonderful happy ever after you've gotta read!

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