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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Review - Kiss of a Traitor by Cat Lindler

Title : Kiss of a Traitor

Author: Cat Lindler

Publisher : Medallion Press

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Gotta Read

Wilhelmina Bellingham is an ardent Tory and has two goals in her young life: catching the American traitor General Francis Marion, known as the Swamp Fox; and avoiding marriage to the fool to whom her father betrothed her when she was only a babe, a man neither she nor her father has ever met. Her first goal is within reach. She knows the swamps and byways of South Carolina as well as any rebel. With judicious searching and a large dose of luck, she is certain to collar the partisan general eventually. Then her father will be compelled to acknowledge her worth.

Her betrothed is another matter. The foppish Aidan Sinclair, Baron Montford, is harder to shake loose than a deer tick, even after Willa subjects him to a series of mishaps that would drive away the most persistent suitor. Willa has the niggling feeling that his lordship is more than he appears to be, but she has no desire to uncover the man beneath the lace and silk exterior. She will not marry without love, and Aidan Sinclair is not the sort of man to inspire love.

Captain Brendan Ford, a spy with General Marion’s patriot forces, stumbles across the perfect way to infiltrate the British high command. When his half-brother, Aidan Sinclair, is killed while carrying dispatches from Charles Town to Georgetown shortly after his arrival in Carolina, Brendan assumes his brother’s identity as Lord Montford and fiancĂ© to Wilhelmina Bellingham, the daughter of Loyalist Colonel Bellingham, the commander of Georgetown. But his masquerade requires he actually court Miss Bellingham. The untidy little wren of a girl is not a female to inspire courtship, and in no time at all, Brendan begins to have the strangest feeling that Wilhelmina is trying to kill him. It matters not; his ruse will end as soon as the British are driven from America’s shores. Why then can he not forget the vision of Willa swimming as bare as God made her under the caress of a Carolina moon?

Willa achieves her desire to uncover the hidden camp of General Marion when Brendan comes across her searching Sockee swamp on Marion’s very doorstep and hauls her, bound and blindfolded, to the general.. Seeing his deception falling apart, Brendan concocts additional lies and makes a fatal decision: to induce Willa to fall in love with him, binding her to him...heart, body, and soul, in an effort to capture her loyalty and prevent her from exposing him to her father. He is unprepared, however, for the consequences of his plan. In the process of ensuring Willa’s allegiance and love, the untidy little wren manages to steal his heart.

Kiss of a Traitor is a historical romance set amidst the tumultuous events of the American Revolution and Francis Marion’s daring exploits in the swamps of South Carolina. Despite taking opposing sides in the war, Willa and Brendan discover what truly matters: love, trust, and freedom. Notwithstanding Brendan’s lies concerning his identity and true purpose and Willa’s betrayal, which nearly costs Brendan his life, love triumphs over political loyalties.

In the middle of the Revolutionary War, tory Wilhelmina Bellingham isn't your usual sort of genteel lady. While roaming through the Carolina swamps on the hunt for rebel General Francis Marion, she runs into a band of his rebel soldiers. Her escape and antics earn her a betrothel to Baron Montford, a silly fool. Or is he? For that matter is he even Aiden Sinclair, Baron Montford? How can she shake marriage to the Baron?

Captain Brendan Ford had no idea the wraith in the swamp would be his intended, until he's given a different view of Willa. Spying on the tories for General Marion leaves him with an unwanted wildcat fiance and a growing love for her he doesn't need. In the middle of a war, each on different sides, both must come to terms with what's really important.

Kiss of a Traitor is an unusual historic romance. Most books depicting this era, in my experience, are told from the colonists point of view, with the English being shown like the devil. Ms. Lindler has given a variety of characters on every side, some of whom were actual figures in history. Each were endearing, strong and loyal in their belief. Willa is such an amazing heroine, attacking each challenge or pitfall with grace, strength and ability. She's no lady of the era, but more so a woman of today able to withstand any storm and take life and love in stride. Brendan is her equal in every way and allows her to be who she is without holding back. The suspense of their relationship was agonizing, but of course happy ever after. Ms. Lindler is an excellent author with a wonderful book you've gotta read. I look forward to more of her work.

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