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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review - The Last Guardian by Stephen LaFevers

Title: The Last Guardian

Author: Stephen LaFevers

Publisher: Mundania Press LLC

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Rating: You NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

ISBN-13: 9781594264924

Blurb: The Last Guardian is dead and the universe is about to end. Can Sunny Burroughs, a nitwit and a klutz, step in to save the day? Of course not--the lovable buffoon can't walk across a room without falling on his face. But when he is sucked into the quest to rescue a worthless, half-naked princess, he becomes the last best hope for mankind! Even with his uncle helping him, it is anybody's guess whether he'll save the girl or actually hasten the end of everything. In cliff-hanger near-misses and catastrophic attempts, Sunny fumbles his way from planet to planet hoping to save the princess without even knowing the universe is at risk. He is opposed by a diabolical foe he cannot possibly defeat. Along the way, Sunny faces the greatest foe of all, himself, and stands up to his fears and inadequacies. Will the universe be destroyed? Probably--if it is left up to Sunny to save it, but perhaps there is another way.

Review: This is a remarkably fun and fast sci fi! Full of action and very interesting and varied characters!

Sunny and his Uncle Ed were having lunch when an absolutely gorgeous lady appeared before them. It was very startling because not only was she half naked, her skin was blue and she appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared again. Sunny is a bit of a klutz and regularly seeks his uncle’s help to get him out of jams. Now he is set on rescuing the beautiful blue girl although they have no idea where to look for her.

Things really get interesting when an injured man appears in their living room. He explains that he is the Last Guardian of the gates into other worlds. An evil foe has been killing the Guardians and breaking rules which has resulted in allowing gates to float where they shouldn’t. Before he dies the Guardian passes the key to Sunny of all people!

Lucky for the worlds that when Sunny puts the key around his neck he becomes a large super hero who can fight off multiple foes and knows quickly just what to do! Even so, he and Uncle Ed get captured and they each have to escape and look for the other. Sunny is still set on saving the beautiful girl who he learns is a Princess. He finally finds her and is subjected to her spoiled, arrogant tantrums. He also meets a female earth “wanderer”, Jane, who has fallen through a floating gate and turns out to be very resourceful.

They make strange friends, including a Keeper of a Gate, a Prince who has had all siblings murdered, and even a troll. They face adventures and get separated when chased by the Evil Foe. They transfer from world to world, each with a unique landscape, trying to find each other.

Sunny’s Uncle Ed tells the story in first person POV when he is in a scene which is interesting. It is good to watch Sunny as he matures with the help of his Guardian persona. The tale is action packed and fun! If you like sci fi fantasy with quirky characters and lots of humor this is a great book to pick up and enjoy!

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