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Friday, October 2, 2009

Review - Merlin's Daughter by Patricia Scott

Title: Merlin's Daughter

Author: Patricia Scott

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewer: Heather

Sara Templeton discovers more than she bargained for when she travels to Semple Manor House in search of her family tree. Whisked back in time and into a previous life, she meets her true love, Dr. Justin Coleborne—not only a 17th century doctor, but also the 21st century surgeon who saved Sara’s life after a near-fatal car crash.

Now accused of witchcraft and sentenced to hang, Sara must rely on Justin to save her one more time…and to reunite them in the present.

Merlin's Daughter has the bones to be a really great story, but it fell short for me. I really enjoyed the plot, however I had a few issues with it that I just can't let go of. I was really thrown by how much Sara disliked Justin both in the present and the past. Sara was drawn to Justin, a feeling of familiarity, yet she took an instant dislike to him. He treated her with nothing but friendliness and respect, and again she didn't like him. My major complaint is that there wasn't much to lead up to a romance and a lasting love between Sara and Justin.

That being said, Merlin's Daughter was a cute novella that I think you should take the time out to read. While the romance side of it lacked in my eyes the plot was really good.

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