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Monday, October 26, 2009

Review - Nerd in a Wolf Suit by Laine Morgan

Title: Nerd in a Wolf Suit

Author: Laine Morgan

Publisher: Champagne Books

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Phoebe Morin thinks vampires are stalking her for the microchip her late husband left taped to the back of a photograph. After a vicious attack, Phoebe finds an unlikely protector in the office nerd, Drew Montana.

Despite his issues with socializing, Drew is curious about the microchip, which seems to hold the secret of the vampire universe. He is also the best one to protect Phoebe; killing the undead is what he does best. During the full moon, the introverted Drew transforms into a sexy, dangerous wolf with a mission to kick vampire ass. But when Phoebe presents him with the mysterious microchip, the full moon has waned. Can he discover its secret and protect Phoebe without the strength of the werewolf?

I have to give this author credit for creativity. A werewolf with Asperger’s is definitely different and an interesting challenge for a character to overcome. But the vampires’ ...unique weakness could have used more explanation.

This story was fun, amusing, and exciting. The relationship between Drew and Phoebe moves at a reasonable and believable pace, with plenty of tension and questioning of their individual feelings.

Overall, this is great story. There are a few plot-holes that could use some patching, but it still has fun and original obstacles for the characters undertake.

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