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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Review - Persistence of Dreams by Ann Warner


Author : Ann Warner

Publisher : Samhain Publishing

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Reviewed by: BrynnaCurry

Rating: You Need to Read

Luz Montalvo is a carefree college student until her parents die in a car crash. Frantic not to lose her younger siblings to foster care, Luz takes them on the run. After nearly a year scraping by as an apartment manager, she’s just beginning to feel safe when she discovers her newest tenant is her worst nightmare.

Charles Larimore, a Denver district attorney, has been shaped by losses that have left him wary, particularly of children and of horses. After losing all he owns in a suspicious fire, he is forced to move into the apartment building managed by a woman with two children.

Luz finds herself falling in love with Charles, even though he's part of the system that can tear her family apart. And since secrets and seven-year-olds are a volatile mix, it isn’t long before Luz's sister spills the beans and Charles learns Luz is hiding from the authorities. It forces him to choose: say nothing and risk his integrity, or turn her in and lose a chance at a wholehearted love.

Along the way both Luz and Charles will rediscover lost memories and Charles will finally remember why he's afraid of horses.

When Luz's parents are suddenly killed in a tragic traffic accident she is devastated. Child services intend to take her baby brother and little sister and place them in foster care, possibly separate them. At nineteen, she finds her father's stash of money, empties her parents accounts for a pitiful little amount and takes her siblings into the wind. Finding a job as a apartment manager for a small salary and board seems like a great stroke of luck, until Charles is tossed into her life.

Charles just lost what he thought was the love of his life to his best friend. He comes home to find his apartment building, particularly his apartment, on fire. Everything he had is gone. When he begins to fall for the lovely Luz, in spite of her prickly ways, he has no idea he could destroy everything she holds dear.

I loved this book! Though she found herself in a horrible situation, Luz persevered and did what she needed to for her family. Of all the people for her to fall in love with, the author set up her character with a district attorney, with his own problems. I love the little twists throughout the story and enjoyed reading Ms. Warner's work very much. I'm looking forward to the next book.

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  1. Brynna, What a terrific review. This is exactly the kind of feedback my muse and I need to keep going.

    Ann Warner


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