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Friday, October 2, 2009

Review - The Rebel Rancher by Mary Eason

Title: The Rebel Rancher

Author: Mary Eason

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Coming in December 2009 from Whiskey Creek Press

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Jennifer

Alec Standing's cousin Drake Everette is obsessed with becoming the next governor of Texas and accomplishing what his father couldn't, but Alec isn't prepared to let Drake sacrifice everything, including the woman he professes to love, in the process. So when Drake comes up with a sure-fire plan to win the election using Grace Richmond, the daughter of one of Texas' most politically strong families and Drake's long time friends, Alec decides its time to put an end to his cousin's little scheme before it gets way out of hand and someone—namely Grace- gets hurt.

If you like western romances then you will like this book. Mary Eason puts depth in her characters. She also describes Texas lifestyle as is and not the stereotype of it. She also put alot of tension between the main characters. The tension wasn't resolved until the end of the story, which was then a happy ending. I also liked that the characters ended up making the right choices, even if they didn't start out that way.

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