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Friday, October 2, 2009

Review - Shamus Ghillie U.S. Secret Service in Medicine Hat by David Walks-As-Bear

Title: Shamus Ghillie U.S. Secret Service in Medicine Hat

Author: David Walks-As-Bear

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Jennifer

After the Civil War, the country was growing and growing quickly. By 1868, the nation had left infancy and was now toddling, fast and furiously, into Manifest Destiny. Barring the American Indian, the West was wide open for this wobbling stroll. But, just as you must guard against potential troubles for a new walker, so needed this emerging nation to shield against inherent dangers caused by rapid growth. Issues such as national sovereignty, boundaries, settlers, and indigenous populations had to be handled with kid gloves so as not to sully the hands of the nation. The country needed a special kind of man to facilitate these hazards, and facilitate them... in a covert manner. This is a tale about such a man, the woman he saves, the youth he inspires and the Indian and soldier... that he is.

Shamus Ghillie is a half-Choctaw–half-Irish former elite Confederate soldier, who is, likewise, a man of the wild and untamed west. He’s imbued with rare, and unusual, skills as a hunter of both animals and...men. It is this man, and his unique talents, that President Grant wants to secretly enlist to deal with trouble along the boundary of the newly formed nation of Canada, just north of the Montana Territory. But, men like Ghillie don’t come easily, and, if they come at all... they don’t come cheap. Shamus distrusts government – any government – but the money’s good, and he has a kid sister to consider. Still, truth be told... he would’ve taken on this task to gain justice for the Blackfeet – free of charge – had they not offered the fee. So, he becomes the nation’s first unofficial, yet official, spy with the U.S. Secret Service. Thus begins an adventurous story that encapsulates a part of the nation’s early expansion westward and the people – white, red and blue-coated, alike – who made American history.

This is a good western/historic/thriller. I enjoyed reading this story. It was a reminder of the way things were as the whites were displacing the Indians. I was glad Shamus was always saving Charlotte. The story is well written, and the ideas spread throughout make it well worth the read. The characters were all well written, and I especially liked the interaction between Grant and Shamus. Also that Charlotte would fall in love with the wilderness man.

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