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Friday, October 23, 2009

Review - Six Foot Hero by Shea McMaster

Title : Six Foot Hero

Author : Shea McMaster

Publisher : Lyrical Press, Inc

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Need to Read

Sometimes a woman needs a hero.

Nicole Dahl has some hard decisions to make. Trapped by a job and the troubling attentions of a mentor, she breaks free temporarily on an Alaskan vacation. Once there, instead of the soul-searching and relaxation she'd planned, she meets Logan Schafer, a man who erases her loneliness with his strong, skilled hands.

Logan is mesmerized by Nicole's emerald eyes and beguiling sense of innocence, but he knows their pasts spell trouble for any hope of a future together. He has a prior claim to deal with once and for all, and Nicole's so-called mentor is a much bigger threat than she realizes.

Will Nicole let him be her hero?

While on an Alaskan vacation Nicole meets Logan Schaffer. Captivated by her innocence and beauty, Logan wants to protect her and help sort out her past as well as his. Nicole has a lot of soul-searching to do and isn't ready for a relationship, but she can't resist the temptation of Logan. Can they set the past aside and look forward to a happier future together?

Wonderfully written scenery and deep character point of view set this book apart. Ms. MacMaster weaves a tale of heartache, suspense, hope and new beginnings. Logan is the picture of alpha male as he tries to stand between Nicole and potential danger, much to her irritation. A pleasure to read!

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  1. Thank you for the very nice review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book.

    Shea McMaster / Morgan O'Reilly


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