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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Review - Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume V by Various Authors

Title: Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume V

Authors: C. J. Winters, Carrie S. Masek, Jane Toombs, Christine DeSmet, Janet Lane Walters, Dee Lloyd, Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

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Reviewed By: Janelle

Since this is a anthology with several different authors, I am going to review each story on its own merit.

Princess and the Tanzanite Necklace by C. J. Winters
Rating: You Need to Read

I am an animal lover, so this story really struck home for me. The thought of one of my babies being kidnaped kept racing through my mind as I read. It made this story more real for me and very relatable.

I really like the character interaction in this story. Each has their own motivations and personalities that make the cast colorful and alive.

My only complaint is of the romance. It really seems tacked on as an afterthought or an convenient way to end the story.

Lunch and the Topaz Diner by Carrie S. Masek
Rating: You Want to Read

We all have regrets in life, but few of us are willing go out on a limb and fix those mistakes. It is a scary prospect to be sure. And when that missed opportunity involves another person, the stakes feel even higher.

Everyone has had a moment when they had to face their fears, and that is what makes this story so relatable. Sarah’s fear is almost tangible as she faces the last of biggest regrets. But with the strength of an old friend, she finds the courage she needs.

The Turquoise Heart by Jane Toombs
Rating: You Want to Read

This story did not really connect with me. It is just too short to span multiple generations and create any real connection with the characters. But it is well written and well thought out.

The Big Love & Murder Shilly-Shally in Moonstone by Christine DeSmet
Rating: You Want to Read

This story is good, if a bit far fetched, and I enjoyed it a lot. However, the main character is very hard to relate to. She swings between overly tragic and overly perfect. She’s beautiful despite her age, she’s far smarter then the detective, she has never been truly loved or understood, and everyone is jealous. So jealous, in fact, that they will set her up for the murder of her young lover’s assistant. While I like the idea of the plot, the characters themselves just need more work.

Woman Freed from Amber by Janet Lane Walters
Rating: You Need to Read

What a fun, sweet story. While not a deep story, the characters are each unique and consistent in their roles and reactions. I have one complaint on this story that really kept it from being a “gotta read.” It is that the romance of Emma and Kriston is missing. Not that they have no chemistry, that part of the story is simply missing. The story jumps from their meeting to the last days they have together. This may have to do with word count limitations, but I really would have liked to see something of that missing middle.

Return to Lake Aquamarine by Dee Lloyd
Rating: You Want to Read

While the villain of this story is no great surprise, it is still a fun mystery and suspense story. It is also the hottest story thus far. Like the other stories, this one suffers from being too short. There just isn’t enough time to stretch out the mystery.

Behind Amethyst Eyes by Karen Wiesner
Rating: You Want to Read

Nothing special as far as the plot goes, but this story is still sweet and I enjoyed reading it. The main rub I have with this story is that the main characters are fairly stereotypical. While this is okay in a short story, I’d really liked to have seen them more fleshed out.

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