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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review - Unspoken Truths by Destiny Blaine

Title: Unspoken Truths
Author: Destiny Blaine
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
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Reviewed by: Val

Tanner Dorsey is an alpha-male of the worst kind. He knows he has that extra something special that will always keep one particular woman coming back for more. But there's a slight problem with the woman who controls his heartbeat and her flaw could be the death of him…and maybe even her.

Ally is a strong, independent woman working for the FBI and even though she's tough on the inside, she's vanilla pudding in Tanner Dorsey's hands. He's the man she's saved herself for and if he doesn't do something fast to change the status of her virginity, she's certain of a slow demise with sexual frustration listed as her cause of death.

Trouble finds Tanner and Ally just when they put aside delayed sexual adventures. Tanner all but invites it to their door. His obsession for the woman he's always loved leads them into a well laid trap and by the time it snaps, Ally is at risk. Her heart and her career are all but on the line and the life Tanner must leave behind is the only one he ever wanted to live.

I review all the time so I wanted to take a step back and read something for myself, my choice was Unspoken Truths by Destiny Blaine. Of course, since I loved it so much, I felt drawn to let you know just how good it was. I honestly can't say enough about this book. It was OUTSTANDING! Unspoken Truths is book one in the series and I was introduced to Ally, a woman who has been in love with Tanner for as long as she can remember. He was the type of man who would string her along and she fell for it every time. Ally moves on to fulfill her passion in life and that is to be an FBI Agent. Tanner is a drop dead gorgeous man who is dealing in some unsavory business being a bookie. I'm sure you can see the conflict between teh two. Tanner has felt an attraction toward Ally, but working with her two brothers, finds that he is not in the position to make her sacrifice her dreams just to be with him. Tanner has a way of touching the very primal part of Ally that makes her want to hit him one minute and make love to him the next.

This book was one I could not put down. I was drawn into a high stakes world of gambling and passion. The characters and plot line in Unspoken Truths were well rounded and very well developed which made it a fun and thrilling read. From the start, the characters had me hooked and the Unspoken Truths had a sort of Soprano's type feel to it. Ever since I picked up my first Destiny Blaine book, I have looked forward to each and every book she has released. It's like an addiction that I must feed. Unspoken Truth is the beginning of what I know is going to be one heck of a love story filled with suspense, action and passion. It is a book that I won't soon forget and I highly recommend this book to those who love romantic suspense. The end of Unspoken Truth turned into an intriguing cliffhanger that has me longing to read the next book, Unspoken Secrets. So I am now off to read the second book because I simply must know what happens next!

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