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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Review - Wind Howl by Vonna Harper

Title: Wind Howl

Author: Vonna Harper

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Purchase Wind Howl Here!

Reviewed By: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Need to Read

Carlan Nashel is a sensible, responsible, intelligent woman. She doesn't believe in spirits or paranormal wolves. She doesn't! So why can't she shake the feeling that her brother's spirit is watching over her, and that he wants something more than for her to take care of their aging parents?

She returns to her childhood home to make arrangements for her family, and visit the Gorge where her brother died to say her last goodbyes. But a storm drives her into the trailer and the arms of the man who took her virginity in high school. A man who, like her brother, was irrevocably shattered by these mountains.

Storms rage, inside and out, but Carlan and Brett will have to accept more than each other again; they'll have to accept the wolf spirits, including Carlan's brother, to survive the howling and learn to love.

When Carlan hears the ghostly voice of her dead brother Skye in her mind, she thinks she may be going crazy. Left alone to care for their ailing parents, stress is ever present. It’s been months since the accident that took his life, so why would her brother call her back to that very spot? Brett has his own demons to face. After a logging accident that nearly left him crippled he too had returned to the woods seeking peace.

What they found was each other. The high school lovers who had once parted ways, each wanting something different, reunite in a storm of passion. But can they have a future together? Wind Howl is a very hot tale of reunited lovers. Ms. Harper is a no holds barred storyteller, giving us plenty of heat with heart. You need to read this one.

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