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Monday, October 26, 2009

Review - Yellowstone Wild by India Masters

Title: Yellowstone Wild

Author: India Masters

Publisher: Loose Id LLC

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Libby Wild is a world famous photographer, working for an upscale travel magazine and living the good life. A firm believer in the credo, "You can never go home again," she's horrified when she’s assigned to do just that, go home to Wyoming and do a photo spread on Yellowstone National Park.

Identical twins Bodie and Ty Cade lived with a secret shame that prompted them to torment camera toting Libby Wild all throughout high school. Ten years later, feeling guilty over their treatment of her, they want to make it up the best way they know how: by giving her more pleasure than any woman has ever experienced.

But Libby’s not interested, or so she says. Fortunately for them, Libby’s body says different. It’s not hard to manipulate her situation to their advantage and convince her to accept them as backcountry guides. And, if the twins have their way, they’ll show her that Yellowstone’s scenery isn’t the only thing that will leave her breathless.

For every girl who went through school as the unappreciated, unnoticed brainiac, nerd or shy mouse this is the book for you. Libby Wild was that unfortunate girl growing, and she had her twin tormentors, Cade and Bodie, as a bonus. Little did any of them know there was a reason for everything and they each had their motivations. For these reasons, Ms. Master takes what could have been merely a light-hearted, sexy romp, and turns it into a truly sensitive story. I found Yellowstone Wild so funny there were times when I was chuckling out loud, and other times I found it intensely poignant, causing me to reminisce about my own high school days with fond memories – okay, maybe not the same type of fond memories, but fond nevertheless.

What keeps Yellowstone Wild from being boring or pedestrian is Ms. Masters attention to detail; she devotes as much time to describing the backdrop of the great Western outdoors as she does to the people populating her fantastic book. Her ability to effortlessly pen a credible Western dialect combined with the quick and snappy dialogue added together make Yellowstone Wild a must read story. Libby and her men manage to keep themselves and Ms. Masters' readers equally entertained with their antics, and locked into their struggles to establish their relationship until the last page. Rather than recommending people read this book I have to question how anyone could not read it, it is just that good.

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