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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review - Caribbean Wild by McKenna Chase

Title: Caribbean Wild

Author: McKenna Chase

Publisher: The Wilder Roses

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Roberta

Blurb: After a month of hot, seductive emails and sexually charged chat room trysts, Miranda Mitchell is convinced she's met the man of her dreams and accepts an invitation to his island in the Caribbean. But when the private seaplane makes an emergency landing on the shore of a deserted island, Miranda finds herself alone with the very irritating, yet very sexy pilot who seems hell-bent on making her deepest sexual fantasies come true.
Aidan Landon agrees to field his womanizing brother’s business emails while Andrew’s out of town, but when Miranda’s personal email arrives, he can't stop himself from replying in his brother’s place. What starts off as a sexual game soon becomes an oasis of addictive pleasure. So when Andrew invites Miranda to his vacation resort, Aidan takes matters into his own hands--by taking Miranda to his own private island in the Caribbean.
Now Miranda has to decide which brother is meant to be her Caribbean Wild.

Review: The blurb pretty much says it all for this story. Except, it leaves out the wonderful location and the hot and steamy sex that happens between Miranda and Aidan.

Do you need some fantasy time? Do you want to see and feel a few sparks flying between characters? Pick up this story. I promise it doesn't disappoint.

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