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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Review - Coming For Money - A Novel of International Finace by F.W. Vom Scheidt

Title: Coming For Money - A Novel of International Finance

Author: F.W. Vom Scheidt

Publisher: Blue Butterfly Book Publishing, Inc.

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Rating: You NEED To Read

Reviewed By: Roberta

Blurb: How much money is too much? And how fast is too fast in life? Investment star Paris Smith steps onto the top rungs of the corporate ladder, only to discover he is caught between his need for fulfilment and his need for understanding, between his drive for power and his inability to cope with his growing emptiness where there was once love. When his wife disappears from the core of his life, Smith’s loneliness and sense of disconnection threaten to overwhelm him. When he tries to compensate by losing himself in his work, he stumbles off the treadmill of his own success, and is entangled in the web of a fraudulent bond deal that threatens to derail his career and his life.

Forced to put his personal life on hold while he travels non-stop between Toronto, Singapore, and Bangkok to salvage his career, the embattled financier is deprived of the time and space he needs to mourn the absence of his wife and to objectively assess his future options.

In the heat, turmoil and fast money of Southeast Asia—half a world from home and half a life from his last remembered smile—Paris Smith finds duplicity, comradeship, and power. He also finds a special woman who might heal his heart.

The gripping tale is told by a talented new author, F.W. vom Scheidt, who has confidently crafted a fast-paced, highly readable novel. His details are fascinating. His characters are real and not easily forgotten.

Review: First let me tell our readers, this is not a romance novel. It is more about Paris Smith coming to terms with the industry he is in and accepting himself and all his flaws.

When I first started reading, I was kind of lost. Not truly understanding the financial world and the terminology they use. However, the further I progressed the more I came to understand Paris Smith's life.

What I took away from this book is how underhanded and manipulating the world of finance can be. There were times I was truly frustrated with the predicament Paris was in. I kept wanting the men in the industry to see him as a person not just a number. I know now I'm glad I don't work in this type of industry. For me, there was too much of a gap between doing what was right and justifying an end to a means. In the book, it says it's just business. I just don't see it.

I am recommending this book to all our readers. It is an eye opening book to the world finance. I'd definitely like to read more of F.W. vom Scheidt's work in the future. He has opened me up to a new way of looking at our financial markets and the human beings who run it.

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