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Monday, November 16, 2009

Review - Don't Dare the Reaper by Leigh Ellwood

Title: Don't Dare The Reaper

Author: Leigh Ellwood

Publisher: Phaze Books

Buy Don't Dare The Reaper Here!

Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You need to read

En route to a sexy Halloween soiree, Cal and Sue Briscoe are involved in a car accident and die...or do they?

Stranded between layers of the veil, they cling to each other with the hope that whatever happens, they will stay together. As the Grim Reaper - a handsome fellow introducing himself as Gil - tries to discern their fate, the Briscoes take advantage of the moment out of time to celebrate what could be their last chance for love...or the beginning of a new life.

Part of Leigh's award-winning Dareville series!

Leigh Ellwood takes a side trip from Dareville into the realm of the Grim Reaper with Don't Dare the Reaper. Cal and Sue Briscoe have a comfortable marriage, together and while playing with friends. On the way to an unconventional Halloween party, their car is repeated rammed by an SUV and they are spun into the path of an oncoming car. They wake in the realm of Gil, the reaper, who tells them the afterlife isn't quite sure what to do with them. They make use of the time wisely, because it may be there last together. Ms. Ellwood writes a dark intriguing world, filled with deep characters full of emotion. The love scenes were hot but tastefully done. Another wonderful story and one you need to read.

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