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Monday, November 16, 2009

Review - Mirror, Mirror by Karen Wiesner

Title: MIRROR MIRROR, Book 3 of the Wounded Warriors Series
Newly Revised and Reissued!

Author: Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Reissue from Uncial Press January 15, 2010

Rating: NEED to read!

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Twenty-five years ago, Gwen Nicholson-Nelson was in a car accident that almost claimed her life and left behind a strange gift. She can see the future, and death, before it comes to pass. She had a vision of her husband's death ten years before it happened in, for Gwen, chilling deja vu. During this time, she's also had a disturbing connection with another like her, a psychic who has the power to not only see into others but to manipulate and destroy.
For twenty-five years, as seemingly unrelated events convince Gwen she has no power of her own beyond bizarre sight, she's wondered why she was given the ability to see pain and death yet never to alleviate it. But when her nemesis targets Dylan Mitchell, the man she loves, and his daughter, all the pieces of the puzzle that have tormented her fall into place. Gwen must discover her own power, believe in herself and her destiny, and act--before her vision of Dylan's death comes to pass.

This is a striking paranormal romance with its own unique twists!

Gwen really fights her “accursed” gift. She does not want to know the future of others and she does not want to manipulate others by using the gift. Yet she does use her gift a bit in her counseling job and is able to sense an evil presence but she doesn’t know how to fight “the other.” Gwen has remained in personal isolation, other than her wonderful daughter, and her work, since the death of her first husband, Tommie. She is too afraid to reach out and risk living fully.

Dylan has loved Gwen since before she married. Dylan’s own troubles caused him to lose the chance to be with Gwen in the past. Now, finally he is getting the chance to write Tommie’s story, but more importantly he is getting another chance with Gwen. He is willing to try anything and knows he has to be patient to give Gwen time to recognize the love they could share.

While Gwen struggles to fight her attraction to Dylan, she becomes increasingly aware of the evil presence that seems to be stalking people she knows. Dylan’s daughter Randa becomes a key to the evil that haunts Gwen and has a surprising connection to Dylan’s past.

The dark mystery threads through the story until it comes to a head near the end with fast paced confrontation and action! There is also a wonderful conflict and love - that good old push and pull - between Gwen and Dylan, complete with some paranormal or mystical elements.

The story flows well although I did want to push Gwen to realize she only existed in a half life because she wouldn’t take the chance to love and share a life with Dylan. I also wanted to push Dylan a bit to pay better attention to his 17 year old daughter and the troubles she was expressing, by behavior if not verbally. So - they are flawed characters which make them realistic!

Ms. Wiesner has a distinct talent for telling an emotional and suspenseful story. I applaud her for writing consistently engaging romance that is “need” to read quality!

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