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Monday, November 9, 2009

Review - More than Blood by Amanda Vyne

Title: More than Blood

Author: Amanda Vyne

Publisher: Loose ID

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Gabrial Ferrar is a House Marshal, an enforcer of the laws of his people. But when his investigation into missing young girls lead him to a dark alley his path crosses with an incredible crossbreed whose blood promises him a lifetime of pleasure he’s willing to sacrifice everything to gain. Yet her past may be the key to stopping a deranged killer from taking the life of another little girl - but only if he can gain her trust before time runs out.

Kel Sheridan works for a private agency called Incog, a vigilante organization that deals with the dark underbelly of the Arcane. While investigating a local blood ring she finds herself uncontrollably drawn to a stranger and in the time it takes to press her lips to his, he's made her his blood mate. Kel is furious, especially when she discovers he is a son of the House that turned her out on the streets as a child for not being of pure blood. When another little girl disappears she finds herself needing the strength of the unwanted blood bond between them to face the truth of her past to catch their killer.

This is a great story. It’s exciting, it’s hot, and it’s well plotted. The main conflict of this story is well crafted with an interesting twist at the end. It also makes for an interesting relationship and conflicts, not only between the main characters, but with minor characters and the entire culture.

The one problem I have with this story is an issues I see quite often. While throughout the story, both main characters have proven they are strong competent fighters. Each even admired the other’s grace, power, and prowess. And while they may not fully trust each other emotionally, they know they are on the same side and can rely on each other in a pinch. But when the pinch finally rears it’s head, as it is wont to do, one of the characters makes the sweeping decision that they must protect the other and head off into danger without so much as a by-your-leave to their significant other. There are just better ways to create drama.

Overall, I love this book. It is wonderful and I highly recommend it. I hope this becomes a series, because I would really like to know more about this world and the many species that inhabit it.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for the great review! And for just reading my book.

    I agree that Kel wasn't so smart to haul off on her own at the end but it was a behavior that completely fit with her personality from the start. And Gabe did almost get himself killed, which only made her decision to leave him behind that much more understandable.

    And there is interest in making this a series. Book #2 is in progress now. Raife's story!

    Thanks again!


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