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Monday, November 30, 2009

Review - Prey For The Wolf by Kari Thomas

Title: Prey For The Wolf

Author: Kari Thomas

Publisher: Eternal Press

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

A highly sensual love story of passion, danger and primal rules.

Bethany Garrett's brother is kidnapped by a group known as The Hunters who make it their life mission to track down and kill shapeshifters. The Hunters offer Bethany a deal for her brother's life: Infiltrate the most dangerous group of wolf shifters known and help destroy them. She's not prepared for the instant attraction she feels for the alpha of the pack, Kane Steele. Now, not only is her life in danger but also her heart and soul. Because once Kane finds out the truth of why she's there, she doesn't stand a chance of living very long. And Kane has her sited as his prey now. Bethany knows the time for turning back was lost the minute she and Kane met. And she's about to find out what it means when a wolf shifter tells her she's his, no matter what happens in the following days of peril...

Hunters and wolves have always been on opposite sides. Bethany is not sure which side she is on. All she knows is that she needs to save her brother.

When she meets Kane Steele he throws her world into turmoil. Bethany finds herself falling for the Alpha male. When she should be trying to concentrate on her mission from the Hunters all she can think about is how Kane makes her feel. Kane recognizes her as his from the first moment that he sees her. Yet she is engaged to his brother Ethan. Everyone seems to be playing a game and no one knows just who to trust.

The Hunters have Bethany’s brother and she must help them or she will never see her brother again. Can she trust her feelings for Kane or will she willingly throw it away to save her brother? Kane already has his suspicions and plans on removing Bethany from the picture. That is until he meets her face to face and realizes he has feelings for her. The sexual tension between the two makes for a hot read. Will they finally act upon it before it is too late or will Bethany and Kane loose their chance for a happy ending?

Kari Thomas weaves a wonderful tale in Prey For The Wolf. This was a story full of love, intrigue and action with characters full of emotion. The love that blossoms between Kane and Bethany was a great read. I enjoyed this book from the very first page until the very last. An interesting story with a twist in the end that the reader will not see coming. Prey For The Wolf is a book not to be missed.



  1. A BIG THANKS, Gabrielle, for this wonderful Review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Bethany and Kane's love story. Kane is a favorite of mine; he's so Alpha --- yet he can be brought to his knees by love. Gotta love that!

    Hugs and HAPPY READING,
    Kari Thomas
    Paranormal Romance Author www.authorkari.com

  2. Super Review for a super book, Kari!




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