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Monday, November 16, 2009

Review - Rat by Melody Tink

Title: Rat

Author: Melody Tink

Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press

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Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed by: Jennifer

Sarcastic Elanor may have found her match in Adymn, the brooding half-man and half-dragon. After murdering her family, Adymn kidnaps Elanor and takes her to Dargona Island. He calls her Rat, makes her cook, attend to the other dragons, and scrub feces off the cave walls. Elanor swears she hates him and vows to one day avenge her family's death. Her chance comes all too suddenly when Adymn demands she accompany him to Trana and pose as his wife so he can gain access to the royal court. She knows enough not to trust him, but while escape sounds all too tempting, Elanor can't help but feel Adymn is hiding a disturbing secret about his real agenda.

I never know what to expect when I see a title of a book, especially one with the title Rat. Well, Melody Tink does a great job story telling. Elanor(Rat) is such a well rounded character who grows throughout the entire story. I was grateful that she saves Adymn and the king. Adymn is the hunky man Elanor falls in love with, and for the longest time Elanor thinks he is a rogue dragon. Really he is a good dragon, trying to stop the rogues. Two rogues turn out to be sisters, and that whole plot line was awesome! Melody just packed this story with all kinds of twists and turns and little plot additions.


  1. Thanks for the review, Jennifer! I'm flattered that you read the book and so pleased that you liked it!


  2. Wow... you just completely gave away the ending, didn't you? I was kind of interested in reading it before, but guess I don't need to now! :)

    Although it seems to be only available on the Kindle, is that right? No Kindles around on this side of the world. :(


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