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Monday, November 9, 2009

Review - The Show Must Go On by Kim Sheard

Title: The Show Must Go On

Author: Kim Sheard

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand

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Rating: You NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Allyson Parker, the stereotypical shy librarian, finds an outlet for her wilder side by performing in community theater. There she can become someone else, someone infinitely more interesting and confident. Partnered in her first romantic lead with newcomer Matt Dauer, she begins to hope that life can imitate art. But can she overcome her bashfulness and self-doubts, cultivated by years of frequent relocations, in order to keep his interest?

Matt moved to Washington, D.C. from Chicago to escape a cheating, diva ex-girlfriend, but he's now also far from his parents and two brothers. His greatest desire is to create a new family as close-knit as the one he left behind. He must return to that past, though, when his ex is involved in a serious car accident and he is called on to help. Will his benevolent act mean the end of his blossoming relationship with Allyson?

This is another very lovely read by Ms. Sheard!

Allyson is a sweet young woman who is a well rounded performer with talent to sing, act and dance. Because of her background Allyson does not have confidence that she can attract a nice fellow and doesn’t think she can ever have a committed relationship or family of her own.

Matt is a handsome and very talented newcomer to the area. He believes in commitment and family. He is also a great, patient friend.

Allyson and Matt are partnered for the leads in the newest production at the community theater. The story follows their relationship as they practice together and Matt tries to draw Allyson out and show her that he is sincerely interested in her and that he would be consistent and faithful. Things are progressing nicely until a miscommunication causes Allyson to feel betrayed and abandoned. The production “show” must go on but what will happen to their personal relationship?

The world of small theater presented by the author is very realistic and interesting. The characters are nicely developed and the rapport and emotion between Allyson and Matt is natural and sweet. The writing flows well making this a very easy and enjoyable read. This is the second story I have read by Ms. Sheard and both books are fine, easy romances. I recommend this book and this author if you want a nice, comfortable, sweet read.

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  1. Thanks so much, MarthaE! I appreciate your kind words and continued fanship!

    Kim Sheard


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