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Monday, November 9, 2009

Review - Torrid Teaser Vol 63 by Sultry Summers

Title: Torrid Teaser Vol. #63: Ride On & Heartbreaker

Author: Sultry Summers

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Roberta


Injured in a motorcycle crash, Corry’s body heals, but the experience leaves him a wary rider. Attending Bike Night, he meets Mercedes, a feisty female rider. Their attraction is immediate and intense and their best rides begin and end between the sheets. But Corry’s inability to share his emotional pain causes problems and leads Mercedes into trouble. Can Corry overcome his fear to protect her?

I'm a big fan of Sultry Summers writing so all I have are praises to sing about these two characters. Anyone who rides motorcycles knows the risk of having an accident. What Corry is feeling in 'Ride On' is perfectly normal. However in walks Mercedes and turns his world upside down. Will the relationship they are building be enough to help him heal emotionally from the crash? Please pick up this book to find out. I promise you are going to love it.


Davy left behind the life of a playboy heartbreaker to manage his inheritance. Now he longs for a woman to love him—not his money.

Rhiannon, headstrong socialite but a gypsy at heart, wants more from life. Riding her sport bike to the mountains to escape the trendy scene, she’s stranded by a flat tire.

Davy rescues her and their immediate physical attraction answers both their romantic fantasies. But their differences spark an explosive, passionate relationship. Can Davy’s more settled attitude capture Rhiannon’s gypsy heart?

Both of these highly intense and extremely wealthy characters have severe trust issues when it comes to money. Can Davy and Rhiannon come to an understanding? Will one night of romance lead to a long loving relationship? I can't wait for you to read this story. It is full of passion and honesty that is rare in relationships today. This second story is just an added bonus to the first. Even if they were separate reads, I'd be saying to pick them both up. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the Buy Link already.

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