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Monday, November 30, 2009

Review - The Viscount's Prize by Patricia Bates

Title: The Viscount's Prize

Author: Patricia Bates

Publisher: Carnal Passions

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Jennifer

When his younger brother is summoned to Versailles, Vicomte Frederique de la Tour decides to intervene and takes his place. King Louis's XV court is stunned when instead of a lad, the legendary spy, known to his underworld associates only as The Wolf arrives.

Lady in Waiting Hélène d'Ètoilles' life has been serene: Serve Her Majesty the Queen of France with grace and obedience. Now her life and her sense of self are in turmoil when she discovers she's been gifted to a nobleman for his family's loyalty and years of service. No longer a lady in waiting to the Queen of France, she's thrown into a world of subterfuge and passion, of lust and power.

I loved this book. Intrigue and hot passionate sex, what more could a girl want? Patricia Bates can tell a story. This was a hot and intense story, that left me wanting more. All the characters were well written and I loved that most of the women were strong and independent women. I also liked the little twists in the story. Like who Helene's mother is. I do wish that the fact that she was a spy would have been known earlier or that it would have been a more important part of the plot. It was a great read!

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